A downloadable game for Windows

Behold, You are a catapult!

It's another busy day in castleworld. Here's your todo list.

  • Destroy the castle!
  • Hurl the stones!
  • Explode the exploding barrels!

Inspired by Rawson Stovall's Idea of "I am Trebuchet" Based on Beach Ball Valley!

Created at VR Austin VR Jam 2017!


1 = start the timer

2 = restart the leve

3 = nothing, what do you even want?

Space = switch to regular vive controllers, not pucks.

esc = quit

num 1 = reset vive tracker to the 2.5' pcv mode

num 2 = 5' pvc pipe with a vive tracker for maximum damage

If you press num 2, you are totally responsible for all the things you break, same with if you even play the game.

Requires a vive tracker puck attached to the front (not the top) of a 1
7/8th dia pvc pipe that is about 2.5-3' long. There is a 5' long mode for stupidly high ceilings, and is really fun.

Install instructions

unzip to your vive games directory


45fps old version with trackers only 459 MB
Catapult_90fps.zip 487 MB